How Pregnancy Affects Sleep

When you are pregnant so many people think that they will have a good night sleep, but that’s not true at all sleep changes drastically. Polysomnography is the study that has shown how sleep will change. Even if you are in the first trimester or the third trimester, the good night sleep that you have will change in so many ways. So many mothers want to have that good night sleep so that they will have that energy so that when the baby comes, they are ready. Studies have shown that a big percentage of women will experience sleep changes in some part of their pregnancy. Click here for various ways on how your sleep will be negatively impacted. Below is how the pregnancy affects sleep from the first trimester to the third trimester.

First trimester


The first trimester is between the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. When a woman is around the 10th week, the pregnancy will affect the sleep she will be sleeping more at night, and during the day she will have an urge of having the naps. After that, during the two-week, the sleep will start to decrease and so many awakening moments during the night and so many women will complain that they are not getting enough sleep this frequently occurs due to the hormones changes.

Second trimester

The second trimester is the 13th week and the 28th week. The sleep that you will get at night during this time will improve, and there won’t be many awakening moments. The moment at the end of this trimester peaceful night that you will be having will change they will be awakening moments, and they will be more. These are the many changes that will occur during the day and the sleeping moments will be more awakening, and the daytime naps will not be that consistent anymore.

Third trimester


Women who are at the 29th week to term. When during this time women will spend more time awake, and when they have that sleep it won’t be possible without those awakening moments. But during the day they will nap more and the sleep they lose during the night will be recovered during this time. At this stage, the night will be disturbed just because you can find a good position to sleep in which results in a restless sleep, when this happens then you can try sleeping in all positions so that you get to know the best position for you.