Key Features Of A Great Folding Bike


Do you find your current bike to be more of a burden than a helping tool? Do you find it awkward to transport, difficult to store and a general hassle to deal with? If your answers are positive, perhaps you should replace your old bike with a new, folding one. Now, if you are not familiar with this kind of bikes, you will run into problems when choosing which one to buy. To make things clearer for you, we will outline some of the key features to pay attention to.

When people look for the best folding bikes, they typically focus on the ease of riding, ease of folding, durability, weight, adjustment range, and handling.

Ease of riding

22nkhorjjhWhen choosing any bike, it is crucial that it offers a comfortable riding experience. For that matter, you should pay attention to the bike’s wheel size and frame, which will affect the ease of riding. If the wheels are too small, you will probably have to pedal much more frequently. Also, if the seat is too low, or if the frame is too small, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choose a folding bike that is appropriately sized and features additional gears, which will offer strength and speed settings.

Ease of folding

There are plenty of folding bikes that feature different folding mechanisms. In this case, you should avoid older models, which are somewhat clunky, heavy to move, and more difficult to fold. Therefore, make sure to focus your attention on newer models, which can be folded quickly and with minimal effort.


Aside from offering a comfortable ride and being easy to fold, your folding bike should also be durable as well. You don’t want your bike to snap while riding it. For that matter, make sure the bike has the official approval of some major international bicycle-testing institutions, such as TUV (Germany), BS (UK), CPSC (U.S.), UTAC (Italy and France), and so on. If a bike is tested and approved by some of these institutions, you can be sure it was made from strong and durable materials, and that it has a long lifespan.


Next up, you should consider the weight of a folding bike. In most cases, the weight of a bike depends on the materials used for its construction. The majority of modern bikes are made from aluminum, while some also feature steel and carbon fiber too. In this case, you should pick a bike you will have no problems lugging around. However, keep in mind that you should strike a balance between durability and weight.

Adjustment range

33bcbdnfYou should also check the adjustment range of your new bike and see if it has the appropriate height. The majority of folding bikes feature handle bars and seats that can be adjusted to a variety of heights. However, keep in mind that some models may not have an appropriate size for taller individuals. So, to find a bike that will offer a comfortable experience, make sure to test out some models and check out their adjustment range.


And finally, pay attention to the handling. You should have total control over your bike, which means the steering needs to be easily controlled and the brakes need to work flawlessly. A bike that handles great will allow you to avoid bumps and react quickly to any situation.