The health benefits of chanca piedra

Chanca piedra is a Spanish herb which is known as Stonebreaker in English. Typically it grows in tropical climates around the globe. Also, chanca piedra grows in the Amazon rain forest. This herb is rich in various compounds like flavonoids saponins, quercetin, alkaloids and rutin. These are phytochemicals that contain antioxidants which are significant in many medicinal functions. This plant that is also known as phyllathus niruri has grown in popularity due to the increased awareness of its medicinal benefits. These benefits of chanca piedra numerous and are listed as follows;

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure has been characterized as among the leading causes of death in thKLASEBGJEBGJKEBWKFe modern society. These diseases are promoted by the kind of living that is common with among the current generation. Such lifestyles include bad eating habits as well as the lack of exercises or body strengthening activities. Chanca Piedra contains flavonoids that play a significant role in the glucose metabolism and normalizing the blood pressure. Antioxidants which are present in Chanca Piedra inhibit the development of heart-related diseases that include the heart attacks and strokes.

Components of stonebreakers contain phyllanthin and nirtetralin which are essential in inhibiting a condition called vasoconstriction. This condition envisions a process which causes the narrowing of the small and large arteries. Such action would increase the chances of a high blood pressure. Therefore utilization of Chanca Piedra is vital in as far as the level of blood pressure is concerned.

Softens kidney stones

jdsvbksvjsdkvAs envisioned in the name, stonebreakers are lauded for their ability to soften gallstones and kidney stones. The alkaloids in the herb are deemed as agents in relaxing and smoothening muscles. The components of Chanca Piedra enhance the secretion of bile from the liver. The effect of high levels of bile is the general improvement of digestion which results in nutrients absorption and waste removal. Also, stonebreakers have been observed to soften the bile duct, and this makes it easy for the body to get rid of kidney stones.

Supports liver health

Research has shown that Chanca Piedra cushions the liver against acetaminophen toxicity. There is a protein in stonebreakers that is able to increase antioxidant defenses and thus shield liver tissues from oxidative stress. Due to the presence of such intrinsic components, the herb has been used to remedy fatty liver, liver swellings, and liver cirrhosis. Jaundice patients may also use Chanca Piedra to cure this defect of the liver that causes yellowing of the human skin.